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Motorcycle Stereo Installation:

Installation of motorcycle-specific audio systems

Custom installations for all Harley, Honda, Yamaha, Polaris models and more!  various custom motorcycle models

Motorcycle Speaker Upgrades:

Installation of upgraded speakers for better sound quality

Compact amplifier installations for enhanced audio

Handlebar Control Integration:

Integration with handlebar controls for easy access

Bluetooth connectivity for wireless control

Motorcycle Subwoofer Installation:

Installation of compact subwoofers for improved bass

Custom enclosure fabrication for space-efficient setups

Bluetooth and Connectivity Solutions:

Bluetooth audio streaming integration

USB and auxiliary input installations for device connectivity

Motorcycle GPS Integration:

Integration with motorcycle-specific GPS units

Navigation system setup and calibration

Compact Amplifier Installation:

Installation of compact amplifiers suitable for motorcycles

Wiring and power distribution for optimal performance and serviceability

Custom Lighting Installations:

LED lighting installations for aesthetics and visibility

Underglow or accent lighting for a customized look

Motorcycle Audio System Tuning:

Equalizer adjustments for balanced sound on the road

Tuning for optimal performance in motorcycle environments

Motorcycle Radio Flashing

Upgrading your stereo may not be quite plug and play, many require flashing the original equipment for optimal performance of your new gear!

Motorcycle Audio System Troubleshooting and Repair:

Diagnosis and repair of audio system issues

Fixing wiring problems and connectivity issues caused by vibrations

Security and Anti-Theft Systems:

Installation of motorcycle-specific alarm systems

GPS tracking systems for added security

Helmet Audio System Installation:

Integration with helmet audio systems for rider communication

Headset installations for an immersive riding experience 

Motorcycle-Specific Soundproofing:

Installation of sound-deadening materials for reduced road noise and optimal sound output