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Marine Stereo Installation:

Installation of marine-grade head units

Custom installations for various boat layouts

Waterproof Speaker Installation:

Installation of marine speakers resistant to water and UV exposure

Subwoofer installations for enhanced bass on boats

Amplifier Installation:

Installation of marine amplifiers

Wiring and power distribution for optimal marine use

Marine Audio System Upgrades:

Upgrades to improve sound quality and performance

Integration with existing boat audio systems

Bluetooth and Connectivity:

Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming

USB and auxiliary input installations for devices

Marine GPS and Navigation System Installation:

Installation of marine navigation units

Integration with boat systems for seamless navigation

Marine Satellite Radio Installation:

Installation of marine satellite radio receivers

Weather-Resistant Remote Control Installation:

Installation of weather-resistant remote controls for convenience throughout the boat

Custom Lighting Installations:

Installation of LED lighting, Lit Speakers, LED Lights get Bars for enhanced aesthetics

Underwater lighting installations

Marine Antenna Installation:

Installation of marine antennas for improved radio reception

Marine Audio System Tuning:

Equalizer adjustments for balanced sound on the water

We run microphone arrays for fine tuned high performance results 

Bit-Tune tuning: offers a 5 array Microphone for analysis and Tuning of Time correction, Equalization and Level Controls and more! Hands down the best possible performance for your new sound system

Have an existing stereo? Lets tune it Up! We are compatible with all brand and trained on all DSP Tuning and software

Max-Tuning: looking for a Max tune technician to visit your dock to adjust your Max compatible amplifiers?

General Tuning for optimal performance in the marine environment

Marine Audio System Troubleshooting and Repair:

Diagnosis and repair of audio system issues

Fixing wiring problems caused by exposure to water

Marine Satellite TV Installation:

Installation of satellite TV systems for entertainment on larger vessels

Marine Radar and Sonar System Integration:

Integration with boat radar and sonar systems