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Car Services

Car Stereo Installation:

Single-DIN and Double-DIN head unit installations

Touchscreen head unit installations

Custom panel fabrication for unique installations

Speaker Upgrades:

Installation of aftermarket speakers

Subwoofer installation for enhanced bass

Tweeter installation for improved high-frequency response

Amplifier Installation:

Mono, 2-channel, and multi-channel amplifier installations

Wiring and power distribution for optimal performance

Bit-Tune Sound System Tuning:

5 Microphone Array takes an Audio Sample at 5 discrete
locations for use in calibrating DSP equipment, Radios and Amplifiers

Equalizer (EQ) adjustments for balance

Time alignment for precise audio staging

Crossover settings for optimal frequency distribution

Bluetooth and Connectivity:

Bluetooth hands-free calling installation

Audio streaming setup

USB and auxiliary input installations

GPS and Navigation System Installation:

In-dash or external GPS unit installations

Navigation system setup and calibration

Backup Camera Installation:

Rearview camera installation for enhanced safety

Integration with in-dash displays

Security and Alarm Systems:

Car alarm system installations

GPS tracking systems for added security

Custom Lighting Installations:

Interior LED lighting installations

Accent lighting for a customized look

Integration with OEM Systems:

Retention of factory features (steering wheel controls, backup sensors, etc.)

Integration with existing car systems for a seamless experience

Troubleshooting and Repair:

Diagnosis and repair of audio system issues

Fixing wiring problems and connectivity issues

Remote Start Installation:

Installation of remote start systems for convenience

Mobile Entertainment Systems:

Overhead or headrest monitor installations for rear-seat entertainment

Dynamat and Sound Deadening:

Installation of sound-deadening materials for reduced road noise

Custom Installations:

Design and installation of custom audio setups

Enclosure fabrication for subwoofers and speakers