Close-up of DD VO-XN8 driver showcasing dual magnet neo motor design and machined aluminum heatsinks.
Side view of the VO-XN8 driver highlighting its moisture-resistant polymer-infused curvilinear cone.
Detailed image of the neo-motor compression-driven tweeter with optimized horn flare for extended frequency response.
Top view of the VO-XN8 driver displaying the advanced Free Flow Cooling System with air channel grooves.


$319.00 $349.00
Close-up of DD VO-XN8 driver showcasing dual magnet neo motor design and machined aluminum heatsinks.


$319.00 $349.00
Product description

Superior Audio Clarity

The DD VO-XN8 drivers set the standard for Voice Optimized technology, merging advanced Hi-Fidelity innovation with the robustness of high-end Pro Audio. These drivers deliver a smooth, low-distortion frequency response across a wide range, ensuring powerful and clear audio for all listeners. Covering essential frequencies from below 100Hz to 20kHz, these midbass drivers simplify system design while offering significant power and performance improvements.

Innovative Design Features

Each VO-XN model incorporates long fiber pressed cones made from water-resistant synthetic resin. This combination ensures both rigidity and ultra-light moving mass, essential for a highly sensitive frequency response. The curvilinear cone profile guarantees smooth tonal quality into the upper octaves, delivering a rich and immersive audio experience.

Advanced Tweeter Technology

The VO-XN8 drivers feature neo-motor, compression-driven tweeters with optimized horn flare for extended frequency response. Designed exclusively by DD, the unique spider and voice coil enhance performance in adventurous settings such as boating, off-roading, and motorcycle audio. The small rubber spider system protects against moisture infiltration, maintaining the integrity of the voice coil gap and ensuring high-frequency signals remain undamped and true.

State-of-the-Art Motor Design

These drivers are equipped with a double neo, double shorting ring motor, creating a powerful magnetic field through the voice coil gap. The CnC machined motor is a technological marvel, optimizing low weight, high sensitivity, and exceptional performance through multifaceted heat dissipation enhancements. An aluminum disk serves dual purposes as an outer shorting ring and an effective upper motor heat sink, reducing coil temperatures. The Free Flow Cooling System, with its air channel grooves, expels heated air and circulates cooler air around the voice coil wire. Additionally, a rear-mounted aluminum heat sink maximizes long-term thermal efficiency.

Key Features

  • Dual Magnet Neo Motor Design with Dual Shorting Rings
  • Machined Aluminum Front and Rear Motor Heatsinks
  • Kapton Voice Coil Former for Reduced Inductance
  • DD Tooled Neo Magnet Compression Tweeter
  • Moisture Resistant Polymer Infused Curvilinear Cone
  • Rubber Voice Coil Gap Cover for Extra Protection
  • CCA Voice Coil Wire for Enhanced Efficiency
  • Removable Rear Heatsink for Improved Mountability
  • Bi-Ampable Configuration
  • Available in 4 Ohm and 2 Ohm Voice Coils

Upgrade your audio system with the DD VO-XN8 drivers, designed for superior clarity, power, and durability. Perfect for any environment, these drivers ensure an unparalleled audio experience, whether for an adventure vehicle or a high-fidelity home setup.

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