Focal K2 Power Line Returns to Elicit Sonic Splendor

Focal K2 Power Line Returns to Elicit Sonic Splendor

In the realm of car audio, where precision meets passion, Focal's legendary K2 Power line makes a triumphant return to the Elite range in 2016. Crafted to surpass the expectations of the most discerning car audio enthusiasts, the K2 Power line is a testament to Focal's commitment to pushing the boundaries of sonic perfection.

The resurgence of the K2 Power line was nothing short of spectacular, capturing the hearts of specialists worldwide. The ES 165KX2, a standout in the lineup, clinched the CES Innovation 2016 award, solidifying its position as an industry game-changer. Beyond its sonic prowess, the K2 Power line, adorned in its distinctive yellow hue, has transcended mere audio equipment, evolving into a coveted lifestyle symbol for car audio enthusiasts globally.

Focal's engineering maestros have once again embarked on a journey to redefine performance limits, breathing new life into this heritage line. Employing exclusive audio technologies, they've seamlessly blended modernity with the legendary identity that defines the K2 Power line.

The new K2 Power line boasts a diverse array of offerings, including five two-way component kits (ES 100K, ES 130K, ES 165K, ES 165K2, ES 165KX2), a three-way component kit (ES 165KX3), and a coaxial kit (EC 165K). Complementing these, two redesigned subwoofers, the E 25KX (10") and E 30KX (12"), have been engineered to deliver unparalleled volume and energy in compact enclosures.

Key Highlights of the K2 Power Line:

  • Rebuilt from Scratch... But with the Same Philosophy: The essence of the K2 Power line remains intact, rooted in a philosophy that values uncompromising quality and innovation.

  • Advanced Cone Construction: The K2 Power cone is meticulously crafted with three layers (foam, Kevlar, and fiberglass), ensuring rigidity, lightweight design, and effective damping for an immersive audio experience.

  • M-Shaped Inverted Dome Tweeter: Elevating the auditory experience, the K2 Power line features an M-shaped inverted dome tweeter that ensures smoother and more precise treble.

  • TMD Surround Technology: Borrowing from the high-fidelity Sopra loudspeakers, the K2 Power line incorporates TMD surround technology to eliminate distortion, coloration, and resonances in the midrange.

  • Reliable Crossovers: The redesigned crossovers feature optimized components, enhancing temperature control for more reliable and consistent performance.

  • Powerful Subwoofers: The subwoofers have undergone a complete redesign, allowing them to operate in very compact enclosures while delivering impressive SPL (Sound Pressure Level).

The K2 Power line, despite its modernized redesign, stays true to its philosophy of combining high power handling, precision, dynamism, and deep bass. It's not just an audio upgrade; it's a sonic revolution that perpetuates the legacy of K2 Power. Check out this system on our YouTube Channel: